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Message from Andrew Turner, Director, Residential Life

Andrew Turner photoBoarders in Seaton’s and Wedd’s have returned from holiday, eager to get back to business inside and outside the classroom. The guys have all received their exams and had a chance to review with teachers. Support plans are in place for boys that stumbled. Report cards will be made available to all families early next week. If some results seem worrisome, rest assured knowing support plans are being created for lots of boys at school. The exams are challenging; with a willingness to accept help, all the boys will work toward their potential in due course.

It’s been a busy week of games. Some of the action can be seen in photos that follow. We’re all looking forward to Winterfest on Friday night. It’s a great school celebration of basketball and hockey. The games begin immediately after school Friday and conclude in the early evening when varsity hockey hosts St.Michael’s College on the Mara rink.