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Message from Andrew Turner, Director of Residential Life

The fall colours are turning! Association Day and Thanksgiving weekend have passed, course changes are finalized, the Battle of the Blues football at the University of Toronto is Friday night and the workload is starting to mount. On Wednesday morning, all Year 11 students were introduced to the Extended Essay process. This is a great opportunity for Year 11 boarding students to develop a hypothesis and work one on one with a teacher who has an equally strong passion in a unit of study being addressed in one of their Higher Level courses. Universities see the Extended Essay process as a strong indicator for potential success because it helps develop strong time management and organization skills, often helps students learn to collect and analyze primary data and mostly it helps students learn to self advocate. That’s because there are few scheduled meetings throughout the process; students need to organize meetings while partnering with their mentor-teacher.

The boys are starting to learn their results on the first major tests, presentations and assignments. We hope boys will do well from the start but there may be a learning curve while adapting to new courses, and in the case of new students, there could be gaps of knowledge that need to be closed before they get on the path to reach their potential.

If you begin to hear worrying comments from your son, do not hesitate to contact his Senior House Adviser. It takes a village to raise a teenager; the communication lines need to be open as we work to help the boys grow as learners in the classroom and as supportive roommates in Seaton’s and Wedd’s.

Andrew D. Turner
Director of Residential Life
Senior Admission Counsellor
Associate, University Counselling
416-488-1125 – Ext. 2500