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Message from Andrew Turner, Director of Residential Life

Andrew Turner photoThe boarding community will have a new look in September; 28 new boys and a summer full of construction will give reason for much enthusiasm. The student leadership committee turned the page on the current year on Wednesday, June 10. They elected a treasurer and reviewed some of the key boarding essential agreements. There was a year-end discussion about new strategies designed to improve the quality of supervised evening study. There was healthy debate on the “4 to 5 p.m. policy” that calls for all boys to be out of the house each afternoon. There was also good discussion about the policy designed to have all boarders involved in co-curricular activities during two of the three school seasons.

The current group of boarders has worked hard to prepare and write a challenging set of examinations. Thanks goes to every student that peer-tutored a friend in need; thanks goes to all staff members that tutored needy students and helped to boost student confidence leading into each exam. Thanks also to the Health Centre for providing the opportunity to engage in a yoga session during the exam period. Finally, thanks to Jody McLean for overseeing every boy’s strategy for exam success.

I am grateful to the 35 veterans that have agreed to return to campus in time to organize and facilitate a strong “New to Blue” program. A big thank you goes to Tricia Rankin for helping new students and parents bridge the gap between home and their new home away from home. Finally, thank you to the UCC Parents Organization that will be on hand during orientation to help new parents make the emotional adjustment to a new school and to facilitate the clothing sale that will help ensure each student is adorned in blue for the first assembly of the year.

I would be remiss if I did not thank Monica Mc Sheim for piecing together Boarding Life throughout the entire school year; it’s not easy work capturing all the photos and editing all the writing. Hope everyone has a great summer!