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Message from Form 5

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition is on Friday, May 8 from 1 to 3 p.m. The PYP Exhibition is the collaborative, student-directed, research-based, action-oriented culminating activity of the PYP. Your son has requested his three possible topics tied to the “Who We Are?” transdisciplinary theme. The Form 5 boys have been talking about what they care about and they’ve been exploring resources connected to possible issues for investigation. The topics have also been narrowed down to include issues that the boys want to take action on. We’ll begin focusing more intensely on the exhibition immediately following the March Break.

Around the dinner table, you might hear a lot about the impact of genetically modified foods, animal testing, global warming, animal extinction and oil spills. These are only a few of the topics of inquiry as the boys structure their topics and lines of inquiry in preparation for the PYP Exhibition on Friday, May 8.

A large component of the exhibition process is to decide on a community action to take that’s related to their area of study. This action deepens the boys’ relationship with the community and their understanding of the topic, and helps make it more real for them. To take action related to their learning, the boys will plan their action piece as it relates to their exhibition projects.

Our Norval Outdoor Education experience is here and gone for 5H and 5B is currently participating in their outdoor education experience this week. Form 5M will be visiting Norval from Monday, March 23 to Wednesday, March 25.

The Art inquiry unit has just been completed. This unit inspired our Form 5 boys leading to many rich discussions. Throughout this unit, they learned about art appreciation, analysis, famous artworks and artists through the preparation of their art stories presentations. They have also created their own art poems which can be seen in the classroom during SLCs in April.

Our Form 5 students are finishing up another unit on fractions. Some of the concepts taught throughout this unit are the addition and subtraction of like and unlike denominators, equivalent fractions and word problems involving the understanding of fractions used in our everyday lives.

Have a great March Break.