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A message from Form 5

Form 5 students are delving into their research about a specific tribe from the First Nations people. Students will compile their research and create a presentation to teach the rest of the classmates about what they’ve discovered. This project will create many learning opportunities. They’ll learn how to properly cite sources, highlight and summarize key information, use technology to present their findings and work co-operatively with a partner to practise an oral report. Students will also explore related exhibits during our field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum on Tuesday, Dec. 2. Please be sure to ask your sons about what they’re learning.

Unknown-1Pourquoi tales address the reasons why nature or animals have specific characteristics.  After reading and identifying key characteristics of pourquoi tales, students will immerse themselves in the writing process. After instructional lessons on how to write effective pourquoi tales, students will be let loose to unleash their imaginations. From the decline of unicorns to why the sea is salty, students will create stories to explain the mysteries of the world. After writing rough drafts and participating in writing conferences, students will be expected to independently edit their work using provided feedback before completing a final copy.

In math, students are exploring geometry. They’ll learn to copy and measure angles, triangles and polygons using special tools (compass, protractor and ruler). If your son is going to be absent and miss an important instructional lesson, please consider having him watch the appropriate video from Khan Academy. Even if your son has been in class, the videos and activities from Khan Academy can provide additional practise to help consolidate new skills. Also, students who’d like to challenge themselves can select new concepts and skills to explore, beyond those addressed in the classroom. In addition, two other websites may be of interest to you: Mathletics and Calculation Nation (sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

These are busy times. During the lead up to the winter break, please encourage your sons to remain focused and prepared for learning each day. Thank you for your continued support.