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Message from Form 4

SHE9325_0_Sheaffer_300_Fountain_Pen_Black_Gold2Everyone is ready for March Break! The boys are wrapping up our inquiry into “Time.” The boys shared their creative one-minute timers and completed a reflection. As our summative, the boys will work in partners to investigate a time-related concept. They will create a poster board to share their findings. We’re also working on our time travel narratives. The boys will look forward to sharing these with you at our student-led conferences. They’ve been working on Google Docs to write and share their narratives.

Many boys have received their pen licenses. As the remaining boys work to complete their cursive books, we’ll transition into developing keyboarding skills. The boys use an online program called Qwertytown. Your son is strongly encouraged to access this program at home and practise outside of school.

In math, we’re in the middle of unit seven, our investigation into fractions. After March Break, we’ll be completing our unit test where we’ll cover the relationship between a whole and its parts, and develop an understanding of how to compare and order fractions.

The boys have all chosen charities as part of their Project Giveback work. The boys have been asked to call their charity and ask an interview question. Not all the charities have people who answer the phones outside of school hours so the boys are encouraged to call during the school day or take advantage of our upcoming March Break and call when they’re on holiday. If your son has difficulty reaching someone at their charity, we’ve suggested they send the charity an email from their school account.

We hope your families enjoy a restful March Break. We look forward to seeing the boys back at school on Monday, March 23.