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Message from Form 4

bluemarblewestThank you for coming to the three-way conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to share your son’s work and talk about goals for the upcoming months.

Form 4 classes are well into their “It’s About Time” inquiry. The central idea is that people have developed ways of measuring time to meet their changing needs. The inquiry lends itself to strong mathematical and scientific connections as the boys develop an understanding of the evolution of time measurement as we know it today.

The boys will research nature’s patterns and cycles relating to time. They’ll create posters describing a cycle relating to nature and its relation to the Earth’s movement. They’ll also present their information to their peers. The presentations are used to practise eye contact, proper posture and strong voices. They’ll also study  connection between lines of latitude and longitude and time zones.

We’re going to begin our literature circles. The boys are reading time-travel novels to discuss in small groups. They’ve developed a reading schedule and allotted different jobs for the weeks to come.

The boys are well into unit six in mathematics. This unit focused on understanding the division operation, developing a method for dividing whole numbers and solving division number stories. The boys will have a division quiz next week to assess their understanding of the skill. Unit six also emphasizes numbers in map coordinate systems and measuring angles with protractors.