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A message from Form 3

The first few weeks in Form 3 have flown by. The boys have now met all their teachers and have negotiated the hallways of the Prep to attend their music, art, physical education and library classes. They’ve done a wonderful job settling into the new routines and procedures. We’d like to thank everyone who came to meet us on September 8. With your assistance we’ve had a very smooth start to the new school year.

Most of the boys’ agendas are being checked and signed nightly and students are being picked up safely at dismissal time. We’ve had a few queries about assemblies and number one dress. Pllease note that number one dress isn’t required for assemblies until winter dress begins in late October.

Our first unit of inquiry centers on the concept that if people have rights, they also have responsibilities. Class activities will include paired reading of fictional stories that highlight rights of survival, protection, participation and development. Students will be reviewing their ability to summarize succinctly after their readings. Next, students with a partner will read from one central non-fiction text, A Life Like Mine, to learn about the lives of children around the world. This text is based upon the “United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.”

In math, we began our exploration of place value with a numbers hunt in the classroom and we’d encourage you to continue to highlight large numbers found in real life, e.g. in almanacs, billboards or newspapers. We hope that you’ll be involved throughout the year in the “Everyday Mathematics” home link pages as a way to interact with your child and his learning.

The first spelling unit was on Monday, Sept. 15 or Tuesday, Sept. 16 depending on your son’s schedule. The boys are expected to study their words throughout the week before the quiz on Friday, Sept. 26. Please familiarize yourself with your son’s word list. This can be found under “Words of the Week” in his agenda.
Please note, during some teaching days the Form 3 teachers don’t have an opportunity to check their email until the end of the day. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, your son’s teacher hasn’t yet had the opportunity to read your note. Please call the main office to ensure the message gets transmitted.
We thank you for your support,

Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley