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Message from Form 3

The spring term will be very busy and we look forward to all the learning ahead. Please continue to check and sign your son’s agenda daily to keep up to date with assignments and special events.

The Reading Olympics was such a success! Boys have been very engaged in reading and shared their interests with one another. You’ll receive a book list for over the break. All books have been peer reviewed and well enjoyed. There are some great suggestions for March Break travel. This can be an excellent starting place for reluctant readers.

We’ll continue our efforts with another reading challenge, “Spring into Reading,” after the March Break. It’ll work the same way as the Reading Olympics. Please continue to track your son’s reading with him and pay attention to his book talk dates. Many boys have extended themselves and created very interesting and creative presentations. There have been “shoebox” scenes and “book in the bag” presentations, i.e. artifacts relevant to the book to stimulate conversation. There have also been many solid written descriptions.

Throughout our “Perspectives” unit we’ve engaged in many picture books and “fractured fairy tales” that demonstrate different perspectives. Both classes continue to explore how we communicate our opinions and the factors that lead to different points of view. There’ll be a family homework assignment after the March Break. Each boy is to bring in an artifact that’s unique to your family history as part of that exploration. Each boy will share his special artifact with the class so that we can learn more about each other’s cultures and traditions. Some examples of artifacts may be a Christmas ornament for the family tree, prayer book used for special events or a photograph that illustrates an important feature of your family’s history. Thank you for your continued support.