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Message from Form 3

We’d like to extend our thanks to all parents who attended the Primary musical concerts this month. We hope you enjoyed watching your sons perform.

As the year comes to a close, these events have been a wonderful way to celebrate past achievements.

Our unit on geometry will extend into January. The boys are exploring the relationships among segments, rays and lines, and geometric figures that can be built from them. Lessons will also explore concepts in symmetry and rotations. Students will develop their skills by measuring angles and calculating area and perimetre. We encourage you to review the family letter for geometry that was sent home last week. It had important vocabulary and everyday activities that can extend and strengthen your son’s understanding.

There’s a lot of new language in this math unit, so discussing each homework assignment with your son will help ensure he’s retaining the terminology taught in class. Attention to the small details of points, arrows, symbols and so forth is quite important in the study of geometry, so we’d appreciate if parents would reiterate the message we try to convey in class: slow and careful work is more effective than rushing through assignments and having to make multiple corrections. We’d be happy to send home the student reference book to help define terms, gather an overview of concepts or read about different ways to apply skills.

We’re appreciative of the efforts you’ve made to ensure boys are prepared for winter dress and that they wear their blazers on the appropriate days: Tuesdays and assembly Thursdays.

Best wishes to all for 2015,

Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley