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Message from Form 3

Students in Form 3 have just started their second unit of inquiry entitled “Fabulous Forces.” The central idea of the unit is that forces are always at play around us: either changing things or keeping things the same. Boys will be learning about the forces of gravity, friction and magnetism. They’ll participate in investigations to help them understand that forces can cause objects to move, change direction, alter speed or change shape. During these investigations they’ll be encouraged to hypothesize, test their theories and collaborate with their peers to develop their understanding.

In mathematics, students in Form 3 are learning computational strategies such as the partial sums algorithm and the trade-first. They’re reading through word problems and learning how to organize information into appropriate diagrams before selecting appropriate strategies to solve. If you’d like more information on what your son is learning, please ask him to bring the Student Reference Book home so that you may review unit 2.

We’ve spent some time memorizing the addition and subtraction facts to 20, to the level of automatic recall. If you’ve found that your son is still not applying this knowledge automatically, we encourage him to continue using Mathletics regularly. This may seem unnecessary as he is able to figure out his number facts fairly easily, but by being able to automatically add and subtract these numbers he’ll be more confident in his daily work. By memorizing these basic facts your son will be able to successfully work with greater numbers.

UnknownPlease review appropriate winter dress with your son. Be sure to pack a hat, mittens or gloves, and boots, and explicitly tell your son he is expected to wear it all at recess every day. Please take the time to label all of your son’s winter gear. It’s always such a shame to see such beautiful winter clothing end up in the lost and found. Please remind your sons to wear number 1 dress every Tuesday and for the assemblies on alternate Thursdays.

Please be reminded that we’re going on a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre on Monday, Nov. 24. This is a casual dress day. Boys that usually get a hot lunch will be provided with a bagged lunch. Please pack a lunch that doesn’t require a microwave if your son brings lunch from home. A gentle reminder: Please note we are a nut-free school. Many students in Form 3 and at UCC have a life-threatening allergy to nuts. Be mindful of this when you pack any food for school.

We appreciate your continued support,
Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley