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Message from Form 2F

Greetings from everyone in 2F. We look forward to sharing all of the exciting happenings in our classroom over the next year. We’ve had a great start to Form 2 and are quickly adjusting and becoming familiar with all of the new routines in our classroom.

During our first two days, we worked collaboratively in groups and brainstormed an amazing set of “essential agreements” that we’ve agreed to follow to help make our days run smoothly. Feel free to drop in and have a peek at them. We’ve started working on unit one in our math journals and have begun to set up our portfolios. We’ve also been reading lots of great stories from our library. The boys are also enjoying receiving instruction from their specialist teachers in art, physical education, French, music and library.

It was wonderful meeting so many of you at the parent information evening and I fully anticipate a wonderful year of working together. If you didn’t receive the handouts, please contact me and I’ll send them home in your son’s agenda. Also, please remember to check and sign your son’s agenda nightly and remind your son to take all his forms and notices out of its front plastic pocket in the morning to be returned. Many thanks for helping your son to be organized.

We’ve also begun our first unit of inquiry, “Healthy Me!” The central idea of this inquiry is that “human actions can affect well being.” We’ll be inquiring into physical health (hygiene, nutrition, exercise, rest); emotional health; and some strategies and skills to promote well-being. After defining the words in the central idea, we’ve been working to investigate how our health, emotional and physical, can be affected by the things that we say and do. We’ve already brainstormed examples of how we stay healthy, and completed a personal survey and teacher interview about our healthy habits. We look forward to sharing more of this exciting inquiry with you in the future. Until then, 2F recommends that you follow this healthy tip: drink lots of water each day to keep your body hydrated.