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Message from Form 2F

imagesWe’ve come to the end of our “Healthy Me” unit of inquiry. What a successful unit this has been! The boys are very knowledgeable about healthy and unhealthy actions that can affect our physical, emotional and social well being. They did a commendable job on their summative assessment pieces. One of our culminating activities was the creation of a beautiful class cookbook. Each boy in 2F brought in a favorite healthy recipe from home. What a wonderful collection of tasty treats 2F created. Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, look out!

Calling all publishers …. Creative writing using the “writer’s workshop process” has formally begun. The boys are starting to work on their first creative story drafts following the steps of the writing process. They worked to brainstorm their story ideas (characters, setting, problem and solution). They’ll begin the process of learning to revise their writing and self edit using a dictionary. Each boy will publish his masterpiece on his iPad and incorporate beautifully hand-drawn illustrations to enhance the written work. They look forward to sharing them with you at our book launch towards in November.

We’ve almost wrapped up Unit 2 in Everyday Mathematics and Unit 3’s family math letter will be sent home next week. The 2F boys will host our annual Tangram Math Fair tomorrow. We hope you can make it for an hour of puzzle problem solving.

Many thanks in advance to the parent volunteers who are going to help the 2F boys create a wonderful Halloween door display and to the team of parents who’ll help us out in the classroom for our Halloween activity morning. It’s an exciting time of year.