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Message from Form 1G

It’s such a pleasure to meet and get to know your boys. They’ve been putting in their best effort, asking questions and are full of enthusiasm about learning.

It was also a pleasure meeting you on Monday night. Please feel free to ask or chat if you’ve any questions or concerns. I can be very chatty, so you’ve been warned.

The boys came home this week with their official “reading logs.” They also spent time browsing our home reading book selection. Here’s some guidance on home reading:

Read to your son. This alone builds a passion of reading. Read with expression and wonder. Pause to talk about the text. Have fun. When your son is ready and confident, have him read. It seems simple, but we all know the more you practise the better you become.

Read the same wonderful books over and over again. Keep a book for a week and read it each night. By the end of the week the expression, fluency and comprehension will be much stronger than just picking up new books all of the time.

Make it a routine. Pick a time of day and a location. Make it cozy. But also remember reading requires thought. Fighting to get your kid to read at 7:30 p.m. after soccer and music lessons is not effective.

Make it a pleasurable experience. Don’t fight over sounding out words. If they’re struggling with a word, give it to them. Reread the book again the next night and watch how they picked up the word. If there are too many tough words, bring back the book and get an easier one.

Be the parent, not the teacher. Have fun and enjoy the books. Share moments, laugh and look up facts.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to stop by anytime to chat about reading tips and strategies. Also, please keep me posted. If you’re struggling, I would like to know so I can help.

In class, we are on our first unit with the central idea, “Our choices make a difference in our relationships.” This unit is really about setting up routines, especially around social/emotional learning. The boys are exploring friendships, solving problems, reading facial expressions and learning how to work in groups. Our other subjects also compliment the beginning of the year routines: printing practise during writing, number writing and basic concepts in math and decoding strategies during reading periods.

We’ll start our spelling routine on the next day 1 (Tuesday, Sept. 16). There’ll be 10 words in your son’s agenda for him to learn. Please remember that the words are selected by him. If they’re too hard, please change the words to make them easier.