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Message from Form 1G

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.15.15 AMWe’ve enjoyed learning all about the sun and the cycles it affects on Earth. We’ve discussed energy chains, the water cycle, day and night, and the reason for the seasons. The boys demonstrated their knowledge of the relationship between Earth and our closest star by creating a mind map on their iPads. Next, each boy chose a planet to study. They’re currently reading through books, collecting information and sorting the information into groups. Next week the boys will transfer this information into paragraphs, creating a project on their planet. The boys are also making models of their planets in class. Together, this is sure to be a project out of this world!

In math, we’re on Unit 6, reviewing our number facts. The boys are looking at easy ways to add and subtract. They’re creating “names” for numbers and developing many creative equations to solve problems. This is also a unit where we play “skill and drill” games quite often to improve speed of recall, working towards more complex equations. The boys have impressed me with their quick recall of +/- 10 facts, so we’ve increased the challenge in our speed drills to incorporate some more difficult questions.

The class has been working towards a whole-group goal: to listen and participate during lessons. So far they’ve earned 10 tallies. They understand that we function as a team and one friend’s actions can affect the entire group. They’ve also made their own individual goals and are working hard to achieve them. Please take a moment to check in with you son about his progress. Talk strategy: How can you achieve your goal? If he comes home with a big sticker on his shirt that means he’s consistently succeeded and deserves some recognition. We’re all working hard to make each day a great day.

With March Break just around the corner and our next unit of inquiry focusing on ‘Structures,’ I ask that you please take some pictures of different structures on your various adventures. We’re going to be looking at different houses, bridges, school buildings, you name it! Having pictures that the boys have taken and photos of structures from around the world is a great way to kick off the unit. We’ll be discussing the concept of form following function and shape influencing design. Thank you in advance. :)

With all that being said, I hope everyone enjoys a restful and fun-filled two weeks off.