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Message from Andrew Turner, director of residential life

Andrew Turner photo

It’s hard to believe we’re down to the final edition of Boarding Life for 2014. Today I’d like to take some time to thank the people who make boarding life such a great experience for the boys and to wish everyone a fantastic holiday.

First I’d like to thank Monica McSheim for organizing, configuring and keeping me in check about what needs to be accomplished for each edition. I’m sure she knows the boarders as well as I do; she has great ideas when it comes to articles and brings wonderful perspective on what a parent would like to see and read about their child.

Next, I’d like to thank the health centre for everything they do to keep track of the boys that need individual attention, hospital appointments, and group discussions to help navigate the UCC journey. Above everything else, we want to make sure our boys are safe and healthy. We can only celebrate their academic and co-curricular accomplishments if we’re secure in the knowledge we’re looking out for their physical health and their peace of mind.

The operation as we know it doesn’t work unless we have dedicated senior house advisers. Mr. Evans and Dr. Morris in Seaton’s, Mr. Beaudoin and Dr. Baxter in Wedd’s work so well with the boys. It’s a skill to know when to nurture and to know when a little tough love suits a boy’s development at any given moment.

The residential assistants and associate house advisers drive the weekend programs, manage the evening supervision and offer much of the tutoring that happens on weekly basis. It’s our hope that every boy finds one trusted adult in which to confide their most delicate issues. Sometimes that adult will be their senior house adviser. We’re confident in the knowledge that our eight associate house advisers and four residential assistants also play a big part in the advising model that brings these people into regular contact with your son.

We also have dedicated academic advisers working with your son. These seven or eight people help manage your son’s day-to-day academic challenges. They meet with your son about “Red Rockets” that come from teachers, they attend parent teacher interviews when you come to town, and they listen to your son when he brings a challenge best handled by teachers.

The Centre for Learning and our academic dean bring the expertise that helps your son prepare for daily tests, manage co-curricular and academic commitments, as well as navigate the long-term goal toward IB success and university entry. We’re very luck to have Ms. McLean and Dr. Kinnear in the house each week to work closely with your son and to have Mary Gauthier answering some of the delicate questions.

Tricia Rankin’s role is never taken for granted. She’s the first point of contact for every prospective boarding family and works tirelessly throughout the year to manage on-campus visits for most every boy that wants to test the waters at UCC before making the leap of faith to move away from home

We never take food for granted. Every boarder is so appreciative of the made-to-order omelettes on weekends; the new “family style” dinners could only have happened because the good people at Aramark are so eager to make new ideas work. We look forward to the continued partnership and more wonderful meals in the new year.

A big thank you goes to Vivek Rao (Seaton’s ’86) and Vik Rao (Wedd’s ’88). Their gift provides an example of the partnership that exists between current students and those that had memorable experiences in decades past. Please see the attached message from Sean Fraser (Class of 2013) regarding the new Rao Family Cup trophy that will support friendly competition between Seaton’s and Wedd’s for generations to come.

Finally, I’d like to thank the extended members of the boarding team. The UCC Parents Organization goes to great lengths during New to Blue Orientation and during the lead-up to exams. Barbara Bottini and Roz Heintzman have helped bring the parenting touch that every boarding parent would add if Seaton’s and Wedd’s were located in their community. Joannah Lawson has done great work with Aramark Foods and the student leadership team to create new initiatives to make sure our boys have healthy and tasty food choices.