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Message from Andrew Turner, director of residential life

Andrew Turner photo

As we complete our second full week of school the new boys are beginning to settle in to their new daily school routine. Boys coping with English as the language of instruction for the first time are beginning to self-advocate; they’re starting to approach teachers when they don’t understand class instructions. While touring through Wedd’s last night, several boys commented on the level of difficulty in IB1 HL Mathematics, but at the same time they said they know they can go to their peers for help. In short, they’re taking control of the learning process; they know they’re not alone in their journey.

Taking responsibility for one’s own learning is not only happening in the classroom; boys are stepping out of their comfort zone to try new activities. Early Wednesday morning I saw Andres, one of our new Year 1 students from Mexico. In his football gear he was heading off to football practice with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Bestard; he’s never played football before, but he knows he’ll be supported by his coaches and his new friends on the football field.

The journey to take control of one’s own destiny won’t always be smooth sailing. The first tests and assignments are on the horizon. Some boys have been cut from teams, others can see gaps of knowledge that exist in some of their classes. It takes a certain level of resiliency to wade through challenges that boys are beginning to confront. To that end, we’ve arranged for Dr. Alex Russell, a well-known clinical psychologist to come to campus on Thursday night (Sept. 18). After dinner he’s going to meet with all boarding new boys. He’s intimately familiar with the culture of UCC and he’s agreed to speak to the boys about resiliency. He wants to learn from the boys about the biggest challenges they’ve faced to date and he wants to help them develop strategies that’ll assist their progress in the coming weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to call your son’s senior house adviser if you hear anything on the homefront during telephone or Skype calls that you believe will assist our goal to help your son live up to his academic and co-curricular development. We hope you enjoy the articles and photos.