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Message from Andrew Turner, director of residential life

Mr. Andrew Turner, Director of Residential Life

Andrew Turner, Director of Residential Life

It’s been a busy summer for the UCC boarding program. First floor renovations have dominated the landscape. There’s also been much planning for the New to Blue orientation program, staffing changes to accommodate Mr. Ross’ one-year leave and the departure of Calum Matthews to do university graduate work.

A spirited New to Blue orientation program doesn’t happen without an abundance of assistance from enthusiastic staff and students. We’re fortunate to have a team that comes together to help make the transition as smooth as possible for new UCC boarders. Tricia Rankin has been the point person for new students from the moment they were admitted to the College. She helps parents negotiate every stage of the process leading up to day one of classes. This year she was instrumental in the planning process that saw 16 new day boys join the 29 new boarders in the New to Blue orientation program. She works closely with staff, students, the Parents’ Organization and the Canadian School Book Exchange to make sure there are no roadblocks to early school success.

Steve Thuringer has overseen the mammoth renovation project that has transformed the first floor of Seaton’s and Wedd’s into something that will be the envy of every residential program in the province. I’m not sure anyone envisioned a day when students would be able to administer climate control in their room. The new elm flooring in the first-floor corridor and common room is simply stunning. The fact that the boards for the flooring were cut from elm trees that once stood on the grounds of the College adds to the wonderful story.

Sean Kelly has become the new co-ordinator of weekend programs. Kelly walks the walk when it comes to making the most of free time. This past summer he cycled on his own down the coast of California, from Oregon to San Diego, California. Kelly is bringing new ideas and is keen to work with the student leadership committee to heighten the variety of weekend programs, and to continue to increase participation levels.

I hope you enjoy the ensuing stories that capture some of the New to Blue highlights; future articles will highlight the renovation project and the new energy surrounding weekend programs.