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Foundation Year math students create video

Euclid Math Project

Noorain Noorani, Jeffrey Collins, Christopher Connors

Amongst other learning outcomes, the IB Learner Profile identifies inquirers, communicators, open-minded and risk takers as the holistic underpinning of a lifelong learner. The four boys listed below did not know each other on September 1. They come from different educational backgrounds and they collaborated wonderfully, balancing duties and supporting each other’s work. They have created a video that will serve as a lasting memory, and a superb learning tool for all members of their Foundation Year mathematics class.

Who were the participants in the project?

Christopher Connors (Seaton’s) – St. John’s, Newfoundland Noorain Noorani (Wedd’s) – London, Ontario Jeffrey Collins (Seaton’s) – El Paso, Texas Ron Singer (day boy – Martland’s) – Toronto, Ontario

Walk us through the main steps in the creation of such a wonderful project.

When we were first assigned the project and put into our groups, we found a chapter that interested us from the book Here’s Looking at Euclid. We chose the chapter discussing probability and chance, and began to take notes on the main ideas such as “The Law of Large Numbers” and “Expected Value.” With the knowledge we wanted to cover on paper, we wrote a rough storyboard and script that we refined as we shot footage. We spent a few hours editing the final product and got it ready for presentation.

Did you run into any challenges when creating your final project?

The largest challenge we faced was finding time to collaborate and work. We all had several commitments and our own homework in different classes. It took a lot of communication to find a time where we could all work.

Jeff Collins