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March 3, 2016 – What’s Inside?

dartWhole School: Maple Madness Open House at Norval on March 28; Student immunization reporting; Learn about the UCC Fund

Primary: Message from Form 4; Message from Form 5; Parent information for the Exhibition

Middle: Message from Naheed Bardai, Head, Middle Division; Important notice about Haiku Learning Management System; ERB Standardized Test results

Intermediate: Message from Derek Poon, Head, Intermediate Division; Preparation for Year 1 week-long trip to Norval; Empty lockers in preparation for March break cleaning

Senior: Message from Scott Cowie, Head, Senior School; Empty lockers in preparation for March break cleaning; Important information about the Ontario Literacy Test on March 31

Future Ties: Career Studies survey; Scholarships at Brock University; Major Scholarships at Laurentian University