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Good advice for managing devices at home

Form 6 electronic devices suggestions

As our boys grow and learn, as with most things, we tend to provide them with less guidance and more independence. Through the last year and a half of our one-to-one program at school, we’ve found that, with respect to technology, the boys often require more supervision and guidance than when they were younger. Like with adults, the ease of distractibility and the convenience of working on a screen no one else can see, makes getting off-task entirely too tempting for many boys. Our teachers have their own strategies to help the boys stay focused and on-task – roaming around the classroom, moving their desk to the back of the room where screens are more easily visible, asking students to electronically share their work so it can be monitored, etc.

At home, supervision is just as important, regardless of what device children may be using. Rules such as no devices behind closed doors or no recreational use before homework is completed are common. Our Form 6 students recently worked with Google Drawings to create posters representing some of the household rules used by families at UCC. I also used this opportunity to reinforce the proper use of online images (only ever using images that are legal to use) and citing those images properly. Please take a few minutes to review what our students suggest are good guidelines for the use of electronic devices at home.

Click on this link to electronic devices guidelines.

Sarah Barclay
Middle Division ICT integrator