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Dr. Adam Cox speaks with peer leaders


Peer Tutoring with Dr. Cox 1 Peer Tutoring with Dr. Cox 2Peer tutoring is well underway at UCC, and in particular in the boarding houses. Club leaders James Lutz, Yin Xiao, Chris Huang Chang, Ziyang Wang, Xu Zhang and Bora Dirilgen — most of whom are boarding students — actively work with tutees individually and in small groups (including homework clubs, Y1 and Y2 morning groups and boarders’ math extra help sessions) to support the program.

Peer Tutoring Club heads, peer mentor leaders and Horizons tutor leaders had the opportunity to meet with clinical psychologist Dr. Adam Cox in late September.  The meeting was inspiring, as Cox spoke about his five steps to leadership and offered training to inform peer tutoring programs at UCC.  His work on “Locating Significance in the Lives of Boys” for the International Boys’ Schools Coalition in 2011 was particularly relevant, as it included talking with boys from around the world to find out what they identify as important.

From this work, Cox offered strategies to improve work with tutees, including: what it means to be a good peer tutor and mentor; how to effectively greet a tutee; how to communicate concerns for a tutee; how to find personal relevance in sessions together; and how to best support resistant tutees.

Students actively participated in the discussion and left with practical strategies and tips to improve future peer tutoring and peer mentoring sessions. We hope that some of the points discussed will give students reason to pause and reflect on their own learning experiences moving forward.