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Lower Dining Hall to introduce healthier menu options

In January, UCC’s service provider Aramark will be phasing out and replacing sugary drinks and confectionery items, such as candy bars and chips, with healthier options in the Lower Dining Hall at the Upper School. Over the remainder of the school year, students will have an opportunity to test a variety of new “grab and go” options and to offer their feedback, as the College settles on a permanent slate of healthy, affordable choices.

I’d like to thank volunteer parent Joannah Lawson and the members of the Nutrition Committee for gathering input and feedback over the last few months from students, faculty, staff and parents on the selection of food in the Lower Dining Hall. The link between nutrition and healthy brain functioning is well known, and providing a wide selection of healthy choices is important for our boys in sustaining high levels of mental and physical energy.

In 2013, the Prep and Upper School dining halls implemented a series of healthy changes, including the replacement of deli meats with freshly roasted turkey and beef, the elimination of deep fryers, the offering of hot meals with vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as antibiotic and hormone-free meats, and salad dressings and sauces made from scratch using natural ingredients.

The College will continue to consult with the Nutrition Committee and wider community. Ensuring the good health of UCC students requires a reliable partnership between home and school, and a shared commitment to maximizing our boys’ well-being.

We’ll provide further updates in the months ahead, but in the meantime, please direct your questions and comments to Ruth Ann Penny, director of community relations, at rpenny@ucc.on.ca

Jim Power, Principal