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Loran Award

The Loran Awards program recognizes and rewards well-rounded students who combine academic excellence with strong moral character, promise of leadership, and clear commitment to service in the community. They should be curious by nature, interested in a wide range of subjects, and willing to take meaningful risks; they are young people of honour and integrity.

In 2014-15, up to 110 cash awards will be offered at the following levels:

Loran Awards, an annual tuition waiver and stipend of $9,000, renewable for up to four years of study at selected Canadian universities; funding for summer experiential learning and internships in entrepreneurship, public policy, and personal and community development; multiple mentorship opportunities;
Loran Finalist Awards, one-time entrance awards of $3,000;
Loran Provincial Awards, one-time entrance awards of $2,000.

To be eligible for these awards, students must present a minimum cumulative average of 85% over the past three years of high school, be enrolled as a full-time high school student, and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The Loran Awards can be used only at certain Canadian universities (listed on the application).

Students may apply as sponsored or direct applicants. If you would like to be considered as one of this year’s sponsored applicants from UCC, you must submit a completed application form to Ms Berndsen by Monday, September 22 at 9 a.m. A sample of the online application is available here for your reference. UCC may sponsor up to three candidates.

As stated last spring in Issue 2 of the newsletter, students who intend to apply Early Decision to a U.S. university are not eligible to be sponsored for this award as they have indicated that their primary interest is in a non-Canadian school. Such students should proceed with a direct application for the award. Our previous winners have included both sponsored and direct applicants; you can see their profiles on the Loran website.

The deadline for sponsored applications to be received is Wednesday, October 22; you will need to request a transcript from Ms Berndsen by Friday, October 10. Direct pool applications must be submitted by Wednesday, October 29; transcripts should be requested at least 10 days in advance. Your university counsellor will be happy to assist you with your application essay.

As with any scholarship application, you should speak with your university adviser first to ensure that you would be a suitable candidate.