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LC Hebert meets UCC alumni at California branch events

LC Hebert and Mr. Turner outside of Google headquarters in California

LC Hebert and Mr. Turner at Googleplex Campus

California 6

LC Hebert studying for IB2 Economics on the flight home

California 2

Mr. Turner and LC Hebert with Michael Slinger at Google

California 5

Mr. Turner with Paricha Duangtaweesub and Benjamin Leung

California 3

Mr. Turner with John Hockin (UCC ’89) and his wife Lisa (BSS ’89) and Ms. Audet. John and Lisa hosted the San Francisco branch event

California 4

LC Hebert and Mr. Kawasoe alongside the UCLA Bruin on UCLA campus

LC Hebert had the opportunity to travel with the UCC advancement team to two California branch events from April 23 to 29. More than 60 alumni from UCC and Bishop Strachan School were invited into the San Francisco home of John Hockin (UCC ’89) and his wife, Lisa (BSS ’89). He learned that UCC alumni in San Francisco worked in a variety of careers and some were studying in graduate programs.

UCC boarding alumni included Chris O’Neill (UCC ’90) who works for Google, Paricha Duangtaweesub (UCC 2009) and Benjamin Leung (UCC 2009) both attend graduate school at Stanford University; other graduates in attendance work in fields that include urban planning, corporate law and banking. Several alumni recently moved to San Francisco to get involved in startup companies – mostly involving the technology industry.

At the UCC branch event in Los Angeles, LC had the opportunity to meet Leonard Dick (UCC ’82), an Emmy Award-winning producer who writes for The Good Wife and Charles Wachter (UCC ’93), the Emmy Award-winning producer of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. LC also met Jason Rabinovitch (UCC 2004), who works for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an organization managed for NASA by the California Institute of Technology; JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system. LC met with fellow Quebecer and Wedd’s alum, Francois Cadieux (UCC 2005), a Loran Scholar who chose the University of Toronto over MIT upon UCC matriculation. Francois just completed his PhD at the University of Southern California and also aspires to work for a company like JPL.

When not attending UCC branch events and meeting UCC alumni for coffee or dinner, LC took the opportunity to visit several college campuses; he visited UCLA, USC and Pepperdine University. There’s no doubt the California tour heightened LC’s knowledge of potential career opportunities; once his IB exams are complete, he’s looking forward to the next step of his journey, the Queen’s University commerce program and catching footballs for the Golden Gaels football team.

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