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French Language and Culture at the Prep

At the Prep, we have a wealth of cultures and languages that exist in our learning community. We celebrate all these cultures and languages through current events, books, library displays, class discussions, food, school events and more. Our goal, aligned to the IB Mission Statement, is to instill intercultural understanding and respect.

One area where this really comes to life at the Prep is in our French Language Acquisition Department. All of our students take French and the teaching team works with the boys to discuss similarities and differences between French in different parts of the world and to the languages our students speak, helping our students understand, appreciate and make connections. The French Language Team welcomes you to share in this learning at the any of the following opportunities:

  • Come enjoy fresh French pastries and hot coffee at the Prep Café on Association Day.
  • UCC’s French Exchange program, celebrating more than 25 years, is an opportunity available for Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Information about the exchange will be published in Heads-Up after the December Break.
  • La semaine franco-fun is a fun-filled week of activities that takes place before March Break and includes French-themed lunch, movies, games, and trivia.
  • Over the course of the year, students participate in our French Reading Buddies program and in Assembly presentations, as well as benefit from engaging French books and resources, games, graphic novels, media, music, stories and websites in our classrooms and library.
  • Extra help hours are available from your son’s French Teacher. Your son is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to check-in with his teacher about his understanding of the new material, ask questions and practice skills.
  • The Centre for Learning’s French Homework Club is available for boys in Year 5 on Mondays. Boys in Years 6 and 7 can receive support during the regular Homework Club hours.