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Ivey applicants: provide a personal email

Applicants to the AEO program at Ivey have been receiving emails recently asking them to provide a personal email. We contacted the staff at Ivey directly in order to clarify th reason for the request.

As you know your UCC email will remain active until next October. However, Ivey would like you to put a personal email into their system because they will not have automatic access to your Western (or Huron or King’s) email if you enrol next fall. Once you have your Western/Huron/King’s email account, we would recommend that you go into your Ivey portal once again and replace the personal email address with your university one.

Ivey will apparently send you much information during your first two years on the Western campus so it is imperative they have an up-to-date address prior to your formal enrolment in the Ivey program.

If you have any questions, please contact your university counselor.