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Introducing Rachel McHolm

Ms. McHolm began her time at UCC in September of 2020 as a Year 7 Homeform Advisor and Language and Literature teacher as well as a Year 6 Individuals and Society teacher. A recent graduate of the Concurrent Education program at Sir Wilfrid Laurier/Nipissing University, Ms. McHolm strives to incorporate elements of social justice, environmental studies and Indigenous studies into her teaching. As Ms. McHolm has travelled and had the opportunity to teach in Sulmona Italy, she hopes to bring awareness of various cultures to her students. 

Beginning her teaching career at Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario allowed Ms. McHolm to work with Grade 9 to 12 students from countries all over the world. She was fortunate to teach English and spend time planning activities for students in boarding. 

After moving to Toronto Ms. McHolm was excited to begin working with students at UCC and furthering her experience as a teacher. Coming to work each day brings a smile to her face as she watches students work towards their goals and work with a group of colleagues who are so willing to help one another each and every day. Ms. McHolm loves working with students to develop their creative writing skills and sharing her love of reading through various texts. In her spare time Ms. McHolm enjoys spending time with friends, walking and training her new puppy Tyson!  

Welcome to Ms. McHolm!

Gareth Evans
Assistant Head of the Preparatory School, Middle Years