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Introducing Naviance to Parents

Naviance is a powerful tool that aids students in navigating and managing the often demanding and complex application process. Your son will be able to investigate careers, run comprehensive searches of schools and scholarships worldwide, organize and track his applications and deadlines, and communicate with teachers, the University Counselling Office, and universities. The benefits extend both to current students and alumni (Old Boys will continue to have access to the system after they graduate).

Most notably, Naviance is an electronic document delivery system primarily used in the US. It is used to send secondary school reports, counsellor letters of recommendation, teacher letters of recommendation, the school profile, and transcripts.

Going paperless has many advantages, including faster processing and delivery, the elimination of postage and Fedex fees, and a reliable record of when documents are sent and received in the form of an electronic time stamp. Admission decisions will not be delayed due to missing documents and incomplete applications. Students and parents are spared the process of collecting, copying, and mailing out paperwork, and schools can process everything more efficiently. Parents will be delighted to know that in our first year of using Naviance, UCC families saved approximately $10,000 in Fedex fees!

IB2 students received instructions about the use of Naviance at the September Grade Level meeting. As always, the members of the University Counselling Office are pleased to assist students in navigating the system.

While students will still be using some outside websites to submit their portions of an application (e.g. the Common Application for US colleges or the Ontario Universities Application Centre for Ontario universities), teachers and the University Counselling Office will be submitting materials for admission and scholarship applications via Naviance. All requests for transcripts must be submitted through Naviance.

Students must continue to request letters of reference in person and submit a completed Referee Request Form (available on the UCO Haiku site) to their teachers. Once a teacher has agreed to write on a student’s behalf, he will add that teacher’s name to his Naviance account.