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Introducing Isabelle Bangambiki and Chante Clarke

Ms. Bangambiki comes to UCC having taught at both the Toronto French School and St. Clement’s School. She is currently teaching Year 4 to 7. 

Ms. Bangambiki loves to share her French culture, knowledge and experience, especially introducing and appreciating the language of Moliere to students. Ms. Bangambiki’s favourite quote to hear from a student is, “I used to hate French but now, Mademoiselle, I like French.” 

When asked about her start at UCC she says, “There is a proverb that says, “unity is strength” and UCC got it right. The mutual help that there is among colleagues, even those who are not from the same department, fills me with happiness every day.”

Finally, Ms. Bangambiki states that she recently made her first snowman!

Welcome, Isabelle.

David Girard
Assistant Head of the Preparatory School, Primary Division

Ms. Clarke comes to UCC after recently graduating with her Bachelor of Education degree. She is currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the Werhnam West Centre for Learning, working primarily with Year 6 and 7 students and coaching basketball during Year 5 games period.

Ms. Clarke loves to share with students her love of basketball, her experience of playing at university and connecting with them on a social level during recess periods. She is passionate about ensuring her teaching and support is differentiated in an effort to support students with exceeding expectations both inside and outside of the classroom.

As an educator and throughout her life experiences Ms. Clarke is highly dedicated to principles of social justice, equity and community service. She believes that the implementation of anti-oppression and equitable teaching by using an inclusive stance is essential in order to adequately service an ever-changing student body and its surrounding community.

Welcome, Chante.

Gareth Evans
Assistant Head of the Preparatory School, Middle Division