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Information Sessions with University Representatives: A Reminder about your Career Studies Assignment

Meetings with university representatives take place before and after school and at lunch throughout the fall term. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to find out more about a specific university and/or program. If there are particular issues that you are concerned about, you can ask different representatives the same questions in order to make comparisons among institutions.

Please note that Part 2 of your first Career Studies assignment for this year requires you to attend and reflect on two sessions hosted by post-secondary representatives (download a copy of the assignment Campus-Visit-Report-Reflection). The schools you choose to report on must be from two different regions e.g. Ontario, another Canadian province, or international. The completed assignment must be submitted to Ms Berndsen in the University Counselling Office no later than 4 p.m. Friday November 14.

Attendance at these sessions is especially valuable for those planning to apply to universities outside Ontario, where distance might make a campus visit difficult. It’s important for you to understand that the representative conducting the session on behalf of a US school is the very person who will be handling your application through the admission process and advocating on your behalf—it is extremely helpful if he or she has had a chance to meet you in person.

The morning sessions occasionally run into the first part of Period 1. Please remember that you are not permitted to be late for a first-period class if you have a test or presentation scheduled. If you will be late for a practice, rehearsal, or club meeting after school because you wish to attend a university session, please inform the teacher supervising the activity.

You will get more out of the sessions and be able to use the information more critically and more comparatively if you attend ready to ask questions. A brief snapshot of each university and a link to the relevant website will be provided in Future Ties the week before the rep visit.

An up-to-date list of dates and locations for these meetings will be maintained on Naviance and on the University Counselling Calendar on the UCC website and Haiku. In addition, closer to the date of each meeting, a reminder will be sent via the newsletter.