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Independent learning days

Dear Parents,

The independent learning days happen twice in a 20-day cycle (and only for the first three terms; they do not occur in terms 4 and 5). These are a temporary measure introduced as a result of the four-course model.

Independent learning days are working days for students (and teachers) and mainly introduced to acknowledge and support students with the condensed four-course schedule and demands. In this schedule, four courses are taken in a condensed manner, which means that each of the four courses are studied over a 20-day period, every day for an hour and 20 minutes. The subject contact time and content, normally spread over two months, is condensed into 20 days. Students will therefore have increased workload demands of homework, research, assignments and projects, etc.

The independent learning days are intended to be a time when students can work individually to stay on top of content and requirements of assessment at the end of a cycle. The day away from campus gives students time away from the pace and people of the regular day to ensure they are fully caught up before starting the next 20-day cycle and set of subjects. Again, this is not a day off — students should be busy.

After 18 months away from full-time learning on campus, this is a short-term measure to support our students as they transition back into full-time in-person learning again. The initial feedback from students and teachers strongly suggested this was needed, and since, has been very positive.

Many thanks for the support,

Jeff Aitken