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IB2 course instructional plan for 2016-2017

Download Available:

The  attached IB2 course instructional plan for 2016-2017 outlines the date teachers in each course expect to finish their IB2 syllabus and the date upon which they begin the exam review process. In many cases, exam review is an ongoing part of the IB2 curriculum. If formal external assessments are completed prior to April, teachers have outlined expectations of students thereafter.

As always, student attendance is a school expectation. The week of April 24 to 28 is the designated IB2 exam preparation week and is the only week in which student attendance is optional.

Students and parents should review this document together and note the following. (It will be emailed to students directly.)

  • Our own school data on student performance tells us that regular attendance and completion of academic work on an ongoing basis is the best preparation for final examinations in May.
  • Given the nature of IB2 exams and based on our experience, the strategies noted in the attachment best prepare students for success in each subject area.
  • Updated grades are sent to Canadian (and in some cases U.S.) universities in April and in many instances may form the basis for offers of admission. The April grade comprises 70 per cent of the final mark in all subjects in a student’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
  • Student commitment to co-curricular activities provides an important and healthy balance to a boy’s day and is expected to be honoured.

More information regarding the IB May final examination period, including individual student schedules, exam procedures and information on the accessing of final IB results, will be distributed to students and parents in March.