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IB1 Extended Essay update

Extended Essay Day (Monday, May 11)

This is a reminder that Monday, May 11 is Extended Essay Day. All IB1 students are excused from assembly and classes to work independently on their EE final copy. EE supervisors have provided feedback on students’ first drafts to help guide this last phase of work.

Submission of Extended Essay Final Copy (Tuesday, May 12)

A complete final copy of the extended essay is due on Tuesday, May 12 by 9 a.m. Students must submit two hard copies to Ms. Chung in the Student Centre Office and when they do so, they must complete a yellow folder to accompany the essay. These will be available in the office. Students must also upload an electronic copy of the EE final copy to Haiku. Both the hard copies and electronic submissions are due by 9 a.m. A complete EE includes: a title page, an abstract, a table of contents, an introduction, body, a conclusion and discipline appropriate documentation/bibliography. Students may consult Haiku for the IB EE guide if they are unclear on any of the specific requirements for the final copy in their subject area.
A reminder that students continue to have access to a variety of supports (EE supervisors, library, Centre for Learning, Haiku materials, as well as their subject teachers and House advisers) in this last phase of the EE process.

UCC has organized the EE process to support each student’s successful completion of this component of the IB Diploma Program. Successful completion of the EE is a diploma requirement and the final grade for the EE, combined with a student grade for TOK, is worth up to three points toward the total 45 possible for the IB diploma.

NOTE: Students who don’t submit their EE final copy by the Tuesday, May 12 deadline will be required to attend an in-school detention/mandatory work session beginning on Wednesday, May 13 at 8:30 a.m. Participation in all classes and activities will be suspended and the student will be required to work on his essay at a designated location in the school every weekday during school hours until the draft is complete. The parents, House Adviser and EE supervisor of any student in this circumstance will be informed.