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IB results to universities

All Year 12 students are required to complete the “IBO Student Request for Results Service to Universities” form. This identifies to the International Baccalaureate head office the universities to which you would like your final IB grades sent when they become available in July. This form will be emailed to you and your parents by Ms. Lacayo in the IB office.

If you fail to return the completed form, it may delay the confirmation of your conditional offer of admission to the university of your choice as IBO will not know where to send your final results. It may also make it more difficult for you to obtain advanced placement for your Higher Level subjects or hinder your ability to transfer programs or universities. If you later need an official copy of your IB results, it will be more time-consuming (and expensive) to get from the IBO.

Several years ago, we had three students enrolled at the University of Western Ontario who failed to fill out their forms and their IB results were not sent to UWO. As a result, in the fall they were informed their academic records would be sealed and they would receive no record of their university grades nor would they be permitted to re-register at the university until the IB grades were received. Needless to say, this situation resulted in completely avoidable stress!

NOTE: You should be sure to bring your IB PIN with you next September when registering at university in the event that they need to gain access to your IB results.