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How to demonstrate interest at a US college

Many US colleges consider “demonstrated interest” from applicants in their admission process. Because colleges want a high “yield,” they tend to make offers to those who are most likely, in their estimation, to accept an offer of admission. An article by educational psychologist, Jane McClure, offers excellent advice regarding some effective ways to show a college you are seriously interested in attending.

1. Visit the colleges or universities at the top of your list before the admission decisions are made. Fill out an information card and take an official tour.

2. If possible, arrange an on-campus or alumni interview. Follow up with a thank you note.

3. Update the admission representative responsible for the Toronto region concerning any new accomplishments (academic, artistic, athletic, service).

4. If you are interested in a particular major, you might contact a professor in that department to ask a well-informed question or two.

5. If there is an activity in which you excel, connect with the adviser, coach, or director to express your interest in contributing in future. If your talent is exceptional, that person may be able to offer some support in the admission process.

To read the full article, go to http://collegeadmissionbook.com/blog/how-show-demonstrated-interest.