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How competitive were U.S. college admissions this year?

As UCC students who applied to US colleges review their results, it is essential to place these decisions in a broader context. Once again, overall admission rates at highly selective colleges remained extremely low, with few significant changes.

Harvard, for example, admitted only 4.9% of those who applied. Princeton made offers to 5.5% of its applicants; Yale admitted 6.5%, Brown 6.9%, University of Pennsylvania 8.1%, and Dartmouth 8.8%.

It is not only Ivy League colleges, however, that had very low admission rates: MIT took only 7.2% of applicants, Duke accepted 7.7%, Bowdoin 8.3%, Johns Hopkins and Swarthmore 8.8%, Washington University in St. Louis 13%, and University of Southern California 16%.

For students who have been placed on a waitlist at a US college, it is important to be realistic in assessing the situation. Please do not respond to any waitlist offers until you have connected to your counsellor.