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Have fun and volunteer with the Arts Booster Club

Want to bring a twinkle to your boy’s eyes? Showcase our students’ individual flair by helping us hang their art.

Come join a group of parent volunteers, under the guidance of the art teacher, for a few fun-filled afternoons sprinkled throughout the year.

Please contact Allison Abbott at abbottallison@icloud.com to get involved in Primary Division art hanging or Tamara Bahry at tamarabahry@rogers.com to get involved at the Middle Division level.

This initiative, to adorn the blank hallway walls with your boys’ vibrant creations, is brought to you by the Prep Arts Booster Club (ABC). We’re a team of parents who strive to recognize and celebrate the boys’ achievements in the arts. We provide practical help to teachers, hang the boys’ art, record performances, organize celebrations for the boys and help to communicate their achievements in arts, music and drama.