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Happy New Year from the Wernham West Centre for Learning

The Wernham West Centre for Learning was busy in the first term working with students to help them build a toolkit for learning. We conducted lessons for all year levels at the Prep in one or more of the following areas to help students manage the learning process:

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Study skills
  • Literacy and numeracy skills development

Assistive Technology Strategies
We have found that direct teaching of the many types of assistive technology found on all of our iPads and laptops have helped students access text, develop their critical thinking skills and create drafts for written work. Here is a list of some of our favourites:

Google Read&Write
Google Read&Write is a Chrome extension that all UCC boys have access to on their iPads and laptops. It provides reading and writing support for Google Docs, the web and PDFs. This app benefits students who want access to reading material that may be above their grade level by reading text aloud with highlighting. The built-in dictionary, which can be speech enabled, gives multiple definitions and offers the word in a sentence to further clarify meaning. Students can highlight and extract words or passages to a new Google document, which helps with the development of summarizing and categorizing skills. Speech Input is a voice-to-text feature that allows students to get their ideas down quickly and easily in a Google Doc: Google Read & Write Quick Reference Guide

Snapverter is another Google Chrome extension that works in partnership with Google Read&Write. It transforms classroom worksheets, textbook pages and images into Google-friendly files. Students simply take a photo of the text and drop it into the Snapverter folder where it is converted to a readable PDF file. These can be opened with Google Read&Write where students can take advantage of the text-to-voice, dictionary, highlighting and voice-to-text options. How to use Snapverter

Apple Operating System Features

Voice to Text
Boys in the Primary years often call on “Siri” the voice-activated software in the Apple Operating System to ask questions to retrieve information and to produce initial ideas while drafting. All boys can benefit from using Siri including our younger learners who cannot type or older boys with an arm injury. Middle Years boys using their laptops can dictate text on their laptop once the dictation function is enabled.

Text to Speech
There is also a feature so your device can read text that is displayed on your screen. This is located under the Apple menu in System Preferences also under Dictation. This is another feature that is available to all boys and is especially useful for boys who have sustained a concussion and cannot look at a screen: Apple Support Accessibility Options

Please feel free to share with us the favourite tools you or your son use to enable his learning.

Polly Baxter and Tina Jagdeo pbaxter@ucc.on,ca tjagdeo@ucc.on.ca
Co-ordinators, Wernham West Centre for Learning





Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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