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Happy New Year! A few reminders about Ontario universities

The last week of holidays is a good time to take stock and review what still needs to be done in relation to your university applications.

The deadline for submitting your Ontario applications is Wednesday, January 11. As we have mentioned several times, the OUAC website will be very busy over the next week and as a result, may frequently be very slow or even “crash.” Most IB2 students have submitted through OUAC already; those few who have not should try to submit the application by the end of this weekend at the very latest.

Please note that you can still add or delete universities and/or programs as you do additional research or wish to amend your choices in light of January grades. The last recommended date to submit such changes if you wish to be considered in the first round of admission is February 3. Some university programs will have earlier cut-offs.

Remember that if you are interested in more than one program at a particular university, you need to apply separately for each one (unless the university indicates that you will automatically be considered for a less selective program if you do not get your first choice). Your first-choice program should be listed ahead of any backup choices. You may not apply to more than three programs at any one university. In the case of the Faculty of Arts and Science at the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto, you may apply to only one program, and before you can do so, you must list the colleges in order of preference.

In addition, students should check to see if a supplemental application is required for programs of interest. Many highly selective programs (engineering, business, fine arts, education) require a supplemental form that is generally available (and submitted) online, usually through a portal linked to your university ID number. Please be aware that there may be an additional charge for some of these supplements. It is also essential to check if a university requires prospective students to submit a separate application for residence (in some cases with an early deadline e.g. students wishing to live in residence at the University of Toronto must apply by March 31).

Some upcoming deadlines to note:

Wednesday, January 11 @ 4 p.m.—Western University (Richard Ivey School of Business)

Wednesday, February 1—University of Toronto Engineering essay and 2 videos

Wednesday, February 1—Rotman Commerce essay and video (December 19 was the deadline if you wished to be eligible for an early offer of admission)

Wednesday, February 1—McMaster University supplemental essays (Health Sciences, Arts & Science, Integrated Science, Integrated Business and Humanities, Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences)

Wednesday, February 1—Victoria and Trinity College supplements

Wednesday, February 1—York University (Schulich School of Business) leadership profile and video interview

Friday, February 3-Friday, March 17—University of Waterloo Additional Information Form (deadlines vary by program: https://uwaterloo.ca/find-out-more/admissions/admission-information-form). Please note: if you wish to be considered in the first rounds for engineering, you must submit your form by February 3

Tuesday, February 14—Western University (Scholar’s Elective Program)

Tuesday, February 14—McMaster Engineering essay and 2 videos

Wednesday, February 15—Queen’s University (all programs) PSE

Wednesday, April 19—Laurier University Applicant Background Summary (Optional) If your marks are slightly short of the traditional cut-off for a program of interest, you should submit this summary of your co-curricular commitments. Please consult with your counsellor if you plan to do so.  

Most universities will contact you after you have submitted your OUAC application with instructions on how and when to submit a supplemental application. Please explore the portal fully as there will be additional information about topics such as applying for residence. It is your responsibility to submit requested materials and meet stated deadlines; universities are very strict about these requirements.

You should also note that most universities allow students to fill out a supplemental statement outlining exceptional circumstances that may have affected their academic standing (serious illness, a family crisis, an identified learning disability, extensive extracurricular involvement). Your university counsellor can provide support in this process.