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Guidance for international and inter-provincial holiday travel

With a view to the Thanksgiving long weekend and future holidays, please ensure you are aware of the travel guidance issued by the Government of Canada regarding international and inter-provincial travel.

Of particular note is the guidance relating to unvaccinated youth under 12 years of age, which states that those returning to Canada cannot attend school for 14 days. The guidance restricts your child for the next 14 days from:

  • Attending a setting where they may have contact with vulnerable people (e.g. long-term care facility), including with people who are immune compromised, regardless of that person’s vaccination status or public health measures in place.
  • Attending school, camp or daycare.
  • Travelling on crowded public transportation that does not ensure physical distancing and masking (e.g. crowded subway).
  • Attending large, crowded settings, indoors or outdoors, such as an amusement park or sporting event.

We trust that families will follow this guidance and make prudent decisions with respect to any travel.