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Greetings from the Wernham West Centre for Learning

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Wernham West Centre for Learning team, I’d like to welcome everyone to another school year. I hope you have had a restful, relaxing summer. This year the Centre for Learning will undergo a few changes. We welcome Jennifer Ferguson back from her maternity leave. She will be our Year 11 and 12 Co-ordinator this year. Lincoln Smith continues in his role as Year 9 and 10 Co-ordinator as well as our GLS teacher. Kathryn Barnes will be extending her maternity leave until January 2020. As a result, I will remain in the role of Interim Director until her return and Year 8 Co-ordinator for this academic year. Polly Baxter, our SK to Year 5 Co-ordinator, and Tina Jagdeo, our Year 6 and 7 Co-ordinator, will remain in their respective roles at the Prep. Julia Rosefield, our administrative assistant, supports faculty and students at both the Prep and Upper School.

On my first day back, a faculty member wished me a “happy new year”. In the spirit of this new year, you may consider creating some new year’s resolutions together as a family. While sometimes difficult to keep, the Centre for Learning team is here to help you make those resolutions more of a reality.

With thanks,

Barbara Kawasoe
Interim Director, Year 8 Co-ordinator
Wernham West Centre for Learning