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Gateway Programs at the University of British Columbia

The Gateway Programs at the University of British Columbia are special first-year programs that offer students the opportunity to work in smaller groups in courses linked by themes.

The Arts One program studies a series of great Western and non-Western texts from the perspective of literature, history, and philosophy. Weekly lectures are limited to 100 students; bi-weekly seminars consist of 20 students, and weekly tutorials are made up of 4 students and a professor.

The Co-ordinated Arts program consists of five streams: Global Citizens, Individual and Society, Law and Society, Media Studies, and PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics). Each stream consists of about 100 students who enrol in common sections of related courses. The mandatory English course associated with this program focuses on building research and writing skills; it is capped at 25.

The Co-ordinated Science program groups students who are taking common core courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and sometimes computer science. Students are put in groups of 30 to work on creative problem solving.

The Science One program is the only Gateway Program requiring a special application. About 75 students take an integrated program that includes mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry. There is a great deal of emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, and independent research.

All Gateway students have access to dedicated computer labs and study space.