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FY students write Preliminary SAT on Oct. 15

All Foundation students will write the PSAT on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 15. We believe that the experience of writing such a standardized test is a valuable one for all our students. By participating in the PSAT, your son will gain important insights into his strengths and challenges in reading, mathematics and writing. He’ll also be able to judge his aptitude for writing standardized tests such as the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE and GMAT— assessments which may have a significant impact on his future plans.

In order to attain a score which is an accurate gauge of his ability, it’s essential that your son invest a little time and effort into preparing for the PSAT.

The University Counselling Office will be conducting PSAT orientation sessions in math classes over the next several weeks and your son will be given test instructions and a practice test to take home for review.

The students will receive their test scores in January.