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FY to IB2 December exams

Download available:

December 2014 Exam Schedule

Dates, Times and Locations
IB2 examinations will be written between Friday, Dec. 5 and Wednesday, Dec. 17 in the old gym.

Foundation Year and IB1 examinations will be written between Thursday, Dec. 11 and Wednesday, Dec. 17 in the Hewitt Athletic Centre.

The exam schedule is in the download above. It’s been posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Upper School and has also been emailed to students. Morning exams begin at 8:30 a.m. Afternoon exams begin at 1 p.m.

Students will be briefed on exam regulations in assembly and by email.

The College expects all students to write examinations on campus at the scheduled time. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to Scott Cowie, head of the Senior Division. Each case will be considered individually. Where applicable, medical documentation will be required. Please note that if an exception is permitted, alternative exam arrangements may be subject to a fee and the student will be required to write during the designated make-up week from Monday, Jan. 5 to Friday, Jan. 9, according to a schedule determined by the College.

If a student is absent for an examination due to illness, one of his parents must notify the main office at 416-488-1125, ext. 2219 on the morning of the exam. Notification must be made for each exam missed. Medical documentation acceptable to the College must be provided in such cases. Medical notes must clearly outline the reasons for the absence and the expected duration of the absence. In the case of boarders, the senior house adviser and/or the school nurse will provide appropriate documentation. All cases of absence — whether for compassionate, medical or exceptional reasons — will be reviewed by the academic dean in consultation with the Upper School administration committee, who will determine the details of any required make-up exams.

If a student doesn’t write an exam for a reason approved by the College, he’ll receive an “N” on his report card in that subject. The “N” designates that there’s work yet to be completed in the course. After make-up exams have been graded, the student’s academic record will be updated and an amended report card provided at that time.

Students must observe the regular dress code during the December examination period, as described in the Upper School Family Handbook. We’ll convey these expectations directly to the boys.

If a student is late for an examination, he should proceed as quickly as possible to the examination room (in proper school dress) and begin writing immediately. No extra time will be allotted for lateness. A student more than 15 minutes late for an examination must report to the main office.

Electronic Devices
No cell phones or other electronic devices (except calculators when required) are to be brought into the exam room. There are no exceptions. Students should leave such devices locked in their lockers. If students violate this rule and are caught using a cell phone or other prohibited device during an exam, they’ll be subject to disciplinary action, including a zero on the exam in question.

Exam Conflicts
Although we’ve endeavoured to minimize exam conflicts, they’re unavoidable because of the limited exam times and the large number of courses offered. In any cases of conflict, students will be contacted by Dr. Kinnear’s office. Students who notice a conflict but haven’t been contacted should get in touch with Dr. Kinnear’s office as soon as possible.