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Forms 6-7 fall athletic team sign-up

Welcome to the Fall Athletic Season. On Thursday, September 4, the boys in Forms 6 and 7  signed up for fall representative school team try-outs or intramural activities. The following is a list of opportunities for boys in the fall term.

Form 6

Representative School Programs

Intramural activities

  • • Soccer and Flag Football

Form 7 

Representative School Programs

Intramural activities

  • •Flag Football
  • Soccer

The number in bold after each representative school team indicates the approximate number of players for that team.

The purpose of this article is to give you an opportunity to discuss these opportunities with your son and help him make an informed choice. He may change his mind throughout the try-out time if his first choice isn’t really what he wants. Your son can only play on one representative school team, but has the opportunity to try out for any teams he wishes.

All other information will be available through the website and in commitment letters.

Athletic Commitment Letters for ALL Prep School Fall Teams

There is a new format for all Fall teams at the Prep with regard to commitment letters. There will no longer be a hard copy schedule and hard copy letter sent home. We will be handling this process electronically. All of the boys have been told where to find the commitment letters, and we are going over it in this article for the parents. ALL FAMILIES OF BOYS TRYING OUT FOR SCHOOL TEAMS MUST READ THE ONLINE COMMITMENT LETTER AND ELECTRONICALLY SUBMIT THE COMMITMENT FORM.

Steps to submitting the commitment form:

  1. Go onto the website www.ucc.on.ca.
  2. Click on the Bluenet Log-In (top right corner) and log in using your user name and password.
  3. Go to the athletics tab at the top of the page and choose Fall.
  4. Choose your son’s sport and level.
  5. Once you are on a team page you will see an article under Highlights and Photos about Commitment Letters and Codes of Conduct. Click on the article title and follow the instructions in the article. You will need to look at all of the different levels (eg. U13A, U13B) where there are multiple teams to see which schedule your son can commit to. In the commitment letter there is a link to the on line commitment form. Please fill in the form and submit it by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the form. You will also need to read the Athlete and Parent Codes of Conduct before submitting the commitment form (they are also attached.)

Nigel White – nwhite@ucc.on.ca
Director of Athletics