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Format change for iDiv parent-teacher interviews

Helping boys talk about their learning and develop self-advocacy skills are important goals. We believe it’s important to ask your son, “How do you think you are doing?” and “What do you think your next steps should be?” This fall, for all Intermediate Division students, we’re undertaking two pilot initiatives for the late October parent-teacher interviews.

At Year 1 and 2, we’re implementing student-led conferences in which each iDiv student will lead the traditional parent-teacher interviews. To prepare for each of his individual subject conferences, each Y1 and Y2 boy will reflect on his performance with the guidance of his adviser. He’ll make note of his level of engagement during class time and areas of possible improvement in addition to sharing any initial assessment results.

Students will present this reflection to his parents and teacher in this five-minute meeting. Teachers will be able expand upon the student’s self-assessment as necessary and respond to any additional parent questions. This is a wonderful opportunity for boys to own their learning, reflect and set new goals. Your role is to listen to and support your son’s suggestions for next steps.

In the second initiative, your son’s Y1 form adviser or his Y2 senior house adviser will also be available for a five-minute meeting on the same interview night. We strongly recommended that all iDiv parents take advantage of this meeting opportunity and book an appointment in the same way that subject teacher meetings are booked. As in the subject teacher meetings, students will be part of the adviser/parent conversation.

Please feel free to contact your son’s adviser at your earliest convenience if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

Derek Poon, Intermediate Division head
Evan Williams, dean of students