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Form 7-Y1: Apply to French exchange opportunity by Feb. 26

French exchangeDear Form 6 and Form 7 Parents,

During the 1985-86 school year, the Prep’s French department organized an exchange between Ben Carver, a Remove student, and Gregor Schultz, a student from La Source, a private school in Meudon, just west of Paris, France. Ben spent the fall term in France, where he thoroughly enjoyed the educational experience at La Source, and his stay with the Schultz family. As a result, his command of the French language improved dramatically. Gregor came to Toronto and stayed with the Carver family during the spring term. He settled in nicely with Ben’s class, enjoyed our games program and, by the end of the term, his English had improved substantially.

Since then, UCC and La Source have arranged exchanges each year for one to five students. This year, Jack Paterson (in Form 7) spent three weeks at La Source in the first term. His exchange partner will stay with his family and attend the Prep after the March break.

One way UCC inspires our Middle and Intermediate students to develop international mindedness is through multilingualism and intercultural understanding. We feel that this exchange with La Source would provide students with a global learning opportunity to learn critical literacy skills and about France’s culture and to create friendships. Candidates should be coping comfortably with the academic work, should have shown an ability and interest in the French language, and should be able adapt to a new environment without too much difficulty. In the past, both students fluent in French and Standard French students have participated in this exchange and benefited greatly from the experience. The application process includes completion of a student and parent questionnaire, a student interview, input from the candidate’s teachers and an interview in the parents’ home.

Please write to Ms. Brunelle by Sunday, Feb. 26 if you’d be interested in your son participating in the exchange next year. Parents pay their son’s travel expenses from Toronto to Paris and back; there’s no charge at the school except for the usual pocket money, etc. Both schools select the exchange participants on the basis of their ability to cope academically and socially, and compatibility of their interests and personalities.

Ms. Brunelle will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this exchange program by e-mail or phone (tbrunelle@ucc.on.ca, 416-488-1125 ext 4153).