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Form 6 French program information

Our students have different backgrounds, knowledge, and skills in the language. We respond to their needs in Forms 6 by offering a three-level program: Core French, Advanced French and Extended French. Each of the levels present the students with a challenging and varied content with the goal for students to progress comfortably to reach their potential, keeping in mind that they’ve different learning styles and progress at different paces. For instance, some students may understand and be able to use a grammatical concept the first time while others may need more time to learn it and apply it consistently well. Students also receive individualized teaching based on their learning profile at each level.

One important expectation of the course is that the students use French all the time to communicate with each other and with me. Here are the other expectations, derived from our learner profile:

– Be on time and quiet in the halls and as you enter the class.

– Raise your hand if you’d like to speak.
– Only one person talks at a time.
– Listen actively.
– Respect yourself, others, the environment and belongings.

– Bring necessary materials: computer, well-organized binder and books required for each class.
– Use your agenda to write down homework.
– Complete your assignments with care by making sure everything you hand in is neat and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammatical accuracy. In presenting his work, your son is in effect declaring: this is my own work. I’ve done my best.
– Talk to your French teacher if you need assistance.

Students will work through a diagnostic review unit during which we’ll assess your son’s current knowledge and skills and make sure he’s in the appropriate group, over the next few weeks. If necessary, we’ll move him to another group after having consulted with you. Please note that the cost of the French resources distributed in class will be charged to his account.

Your son is expected to do some homework for every class and it’ll take him approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete it. If homework is taking longer than 15 minutes, please ask your son to stop and to see his French teacher the next morning. Homework won’t be assigned over the weekend. Students must take responsibility to prepare thoroughly for all assessments. Reviewing work on a daily basis and ensuring understanding of new concepts is also important.

A variety of methods will be used when assessing student work, including comments, quizzes, projects, unit tests, self and peer assessment, personal reflections, oral presentations, assignments and teacher observation. As well, student/teacher interviews and conferences will take place on an ongoing basis during class time.

Student achievements will be evaluated in the following areas:
40% Oral expression
10% Listening comprehension
20% Reading comprehension
30% Written expression

Students requiring extra help will be able to see their teachers at regular times before and after school. This extra-help time may also be used to finish homework that a student may have had problems with the previous evening. It’s also the student’s responsibility to check in with his teacher about missed classes or when he knows that he’ll be away.

We believe in the importance of communication. At the Form 6 level, your son’s French teacher will communicate directly with him about his assignments, his progress and any areas of improvement on a continuous basis. If there are any concerns, his teacher will also contact you and his Form Adviser. Please feel free to contact your son’s French teacher at any time if you’ve questions or concerns.

Your support and interest are appreciated. With this commitment, we feel confident that your son will enrich his vocabulary and language skills, and take risks to improve his communicative competence.


Daniel Bendavid – 6BM Advanced French and 6CL Extended French

Martin Cloutier – 6M Core French and 6CL Advanced French

Tina Lo (Head of the French Department) – 6CL Core French

Jill Stewart – 6B Core French