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Form 6 and 7 spring sport commitment letters

Downloads available:

Form 5, 6 and 7 Track and Field Commitment Letter 2015
U12 softball commitment letter 2015
U13 Rugby Commitment Letter 2015
U14 Gr. 7 Tennis Commiment Letter 2015
U14 softball commitment letter 2015

Spring season tryouts have begun and all of the boys and coaches are hoping for warmer weather. Final team selections will be made by Tuesday, April 14 or earlier. It’s important to note that if a boy doesn’t make one team, he can try out for another. All team commitment letters are available now on the school website. To access these letters parents must login to Bluenet, find the team’s webpage and click on the “Highlights and Photos” section where Team Commitment Letter is listed. The link to each commitment form can be found in this article in the downloads above.

Form 7
U14 tier 2 softball (approximately 15 players) – Mr. Green
U13 rugby (approximately 22 players) – Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Chandler and Mr. Kwan
U14 tennis (approximately eight players) – Mr. Ma
U13 track and field – Mr. Gray, Mr. Labancz, and Mr. Roytberg
U14 Lacrosse – Mr. Bullock and Mr. Toope (Upper School teacher)

Form 6
U12 A and B softball (approximately 30 players) – Mr. Cooper and Mr. Cloutier
U12 track and field – Mr. Hustler, Mr. Cavalluzzo, Ms. Chesworth and Mr. Roytberg